Lietadlo MV-22B Osprey USMC VMX-22 Argonauts, MV16, MCAS New River, NC

Výrobca modelu: Air Force One
Objednávací kód: AF1-0012
Mierka: 1:72
Materiál: Kombinovane (Kov / Plast)
Registračné číslo: VMX-22
Rozmery: 36.2×24.1×11.8 cm (D׊×V)
Letecká spoločnosť: US Air Force
Výrobca lietadla: Bell
92,50 €
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Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron Twenty Two (VMX-22) was formed in August 2003. It is tasked with developing tactics and procedures for operating the MV-22 Tiltrotor.
This initial release from Air Force 1 faithfully replicates the MV-22 with a heavy-duty die cast body, a well equipped cockpit with glazed windows and a metal display stand. Additionally, it features a magnetically sealing cargo door and a swiveling wing with optional extended or foldable tiltrotor blades.