Výrobca modelu: Corgi Aviation
Objednávací kód: CA39103
Mierka: 1:72
Materiál: Kombinovane (Kov / Plast)
Váha: 0.8 kg
Registračné číslo: XP330
Rozmery: 21.1×19.5×7.1 cm (D׊×V)
Letecká spoločnosť: RAF
Výrobca lietadla: Westland Helicopters
60,90 €
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Kovový model vrtulníka v dokonalom vyhotoveni podla originálneho stroja, s presnými potlačmi, detailmi a vo veľmi kvalitnom vyhotovení v skvelej cene! Balenie obsahuje stojanček.


As well as being used extensively by both the Royal Navy and the RAF in Search and Rescue roles, the Whirlwind was also used by the RAF and the British Army as a general transport helicopter, dropping men and supplies into conflict zones and moving items between bases. This particular Whirlwind, XP330, was used in this capacity during the insurgency in Borneo, moving men of the Australian SAS around the jungle to combat patrols by Indonesian forces. It is in roles like this that the helicopter is vital and the Whirlwind excelled. 230 Squadron RAF operated the Whirlwind from the early 1950s until 1971 whereupon it converted to the then new Puma, of which it continues to fly today from its base at RAF Benson. XP330 ended its days being used for fire training before being scrapped.