BMW 3.0 CSL Year 1973-75 white

Limited edition !
Model manufacturer: Minichamps
Order code: 80432411550
Scale: 1:18
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
EAN: 80432411550
Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 25×9×8 cm (L×W×H)
Machine manufacturer: BMW
119,90 € 129,95 €
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Product description

Quality limited metal model car BMW - 3.0 CSL COUPE 1973 in white, doors and hood open.

In 1973, BMW produced several aerodynamic accessories that were mounted on the standard 3.0CSL to obtain Group 2 homologation. Mechanically, the kit was characterized by a lightweight camshaft. 110 were produced with this set, which enabled BMW to achieve numerous successes in the travel and endurance championships.