Diorama - CLUB - Škoda Rapid 1.4 SV (1936) A trip around the world in 97 days

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Model manufacturer: Autocult
Order code: 90160CLUB
Scale: 1:43
Material: Resin
Weight: 0.6 kg
Dimensions: 9.2 cm
Machine manufacturer: Skoda
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Product description

Club model of the legendary Škoda Rapid 1.4 SV (1936) with the story "A trip around the world in 97 days" with a diorama. The model is packed on a pedestal in a special club box with a PVC cover, each model has a brochure with the number of a specific limited series, these are lower series numbers. AUTOCULT exclusively for Modelsnavigator in a limited numbered edition of 333 pcs.

Something about a trip around the world in 97 days:

The crew of Břetislav Jan Procházka and Jindřich Kubias in a dark blue convertible, a standard production Rapid vehicle, toured the world in record time - in just 97 days, which meant a world record.

The journey began on April 25, 1936 and led through Moscow and Tehran to Mumbai, via Singapore and Shanghai to Yokohama and Honolulu, then via San Francisco and New York back to Europe - via Paris and Nuremberg to Pilsen and Prague, where they arrived on 1.8. 1936. The tachometer showed that they had traveled 27,600 km along the axis, while the engine did not have to be repaired during that time, which proved the intact officially verified sealing of the engine block.

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