John Deere 7430

Model manufacturer: Wiking
Order code: 077342
Scale: 1:32
Material: Metal
EAN: 4006190773423
Weight: 0.9 kg
Dimensions: 20×9×10 cm (L×W×H)
Machine manufacturer: John Deere
90,00 €
On Order - we will confirm availability

Product description

The tractor in municipal orange has no less than an entire quartet of front loader accessories. With the big bag carrier, the big bags made of textile materials make a very realistic impression and look just like the prototype. They can be filled with authentic loads without any difficulty. The specially designed big bag carrier guarantees the safe transport of big bags. Owing to the raised hydraulic front loader, the big bags can be used for the easy transport of loose gravel for pavement work, for instance, or the loading of trailers. The brush pile grab has a fully mobile mechanism, which makes the grapple and the four tines spread apart. In addition, it sports the Bressel & Lade high dump bucket as an alternative to the standard bucket. It enables the enhancement of the dump height and tipping angle, because, with the prototype, the dump height is approx. 400mm over the height of the bearing point of the quick coupler.