Lietadlo A-20G Havoc , DU-P ,Hilda Shane, 22 Sqn., ,RAAF, New Guinea, late 1944

Výrobca modelu: Hobby Master Aircraft
Objednávací kód: HA4204
Mierka: 1:72
Materiál: Kombinovane (Kov / Plast)
EAN: 4895173401961
Váha: 1.3 kg
Registračné číslo: 324525
Rozmery: 29.5×20.8×8 cm (D׊×V)
Letecká spoločnosť: RAAF
Výrobca lietadla: Havoc
62,50 €
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Popis produktu

Kovový model lietadla Havoc v kvalitnom prevedení s autentickou potlačou podľa originálu.  Obsahuje stojanček.

Originálny popis:

With war approaching America knew it would be called upon to aid their Allies so a new aircraft would need to be developed. Douglas Aircraft designer Ed Heinemann’s DB-7/A-20 was chosen to be the new attack-bomber. The prototype flew in December 1938 with the first production aircraft flew on August 17, 1939. Production ran until September 1944 with 7,478 aircraft built. During WWII these were supplied to French, British, Australian, Dutch and Soviet forces as well as their own U.S. Forces.

The RAAF received A-20G-40 Boston DU-P (A28-60) ex 43-21545 in June 1944 and assigned the aircraft to the 22nd Squadron. The aircraft was given art work on the left side of a lady wearing a dress and sitting while on the right side was the name “Hilda Shane”. On November 22, 1944 13 Bostons of No. 22 Squadron including DU-P were destroyed on the ground when the Japan raided Morotai. The aircraft that weren’t destroyed were removed to Noemfoor and replaced with Beaufighters.

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