FENDT tool carrier 360 GT - version with trailer (1984 - 1996) (2010)

Model manufacturer: weise-toys
Order code: 1008
Scale: 1:32
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
EAN: 4260146070107
Weight: 1 kg
Machine manufacturer: Fendt
55,00 €
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Product description

Metal FENDT tool carrier 360 GT with processing by trusty original with precision craftsmanship.

- The hull type flip-Opening the Door
- Swivel front and rear wheel -
- Headlights, working headlights, tail lights use transparent plastic
- Lateral clearance holder can be tilted (for use with two tractor tires)
- Roof antenna made ​​of flexible rubber
Engraved driver's seat with 3 - color textile design, dashboard, side printed and fittings -
- Hydraulic pistons back with adjustable shoulder and upper
- Horne eye in length to 6 mm nastaviteľnáé
- Mount the upper link
- Hydraulic installation for compatible agricultural tools
- Licensed engraving "Kleber" (tire manufacturer)