Models Spreaders

The spreader attached to the tractor is a practical aid in agriculture and is used to disperse fertilizer and loose materials that are incorporated into the soil. In this category you will find models of these machines from Amazone, Kuhn, Bredal and others to your tractor models such as JohnDeere, Claas, New Holland, Fendt and many more.

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Tebbe MS 140 Single-axle manure spreader

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KUHN Axent 100.1

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RAUCH Axent 100.1

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The spreader is an agricultural machine. They are divided into three types according to use manure spreader, manure spreader and industrial fertilizer spreader. Furthermore, it can be divided into towed (they have their own axle and are towed behind the tractor), carried (they are "suspended" on the hydraulic arms of the tractor) and pneumatic (self-propelled vehicle).

In this category of spreader models you will find manufacturers such as Vicon, Amazone, Bergmann, Kuhn, Annaburger, Bredal and others. It is important to choose the same scale model of the spreader as your tractor model, mostly the 1:32 scale, which is the most used in the world. As for the connection to the tractor in the case of trailed spreaders, it is very easy to connect.