Tank M3 Stuart 1st US Armored Div. Tunis Dec. 1942

Výrobca modelu: Master Fighter
Objednávací kód: MF48562US
Mierka: 1:48
Materiál: Kombinovane (Kov / Plast)
Váha: 1.1 kg
Výrobca stroja: American Car & Foundry Co
78,00 €
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Kovový model legendárneho tanku Panzer I v špičkovom prevedení, detaelne spracované časti, dokonalá kamufláž identická s originálnym prevedením.

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The light tank M3 Stuart is the result of a series of light tanks which began in 1931. However the development of M3 began really only in 1940 when Armored Force was created in June. Benefiting from the lesson of the campaign of France, the US designers modified light tank M2A4 by increasing its frontal shielding up to 51 mm and by installing an anti-aircraft machine-gun on the turret. The hull was prolonged to cover the exhausts and the suspension with helical springs was retained. The new model was baptized M3 Light Tank. It had a crew of 4 men: the commander, the gunner, the driver and his assistant. As the M2A4, M3 was armed with the standard gun M5 of 37 mm with gyro-stabilizers. M3 was standardized in July 1940 and the production began in March 1941. M3 was standardized for the production in July 1940. The first specimens made their appearance in March 1941. The M3A1 made its appearance in May 1942, the M3A3 in September 1942. Since 1941 because of the law lease-lend, M3 were also delivered to the British. Models M3, M3A1 and M3A3 all were manufactured by American Car & Foundry Co.

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