Tractor DEUTZ D 130 06 with security framework (version 1972-1974) (2013)

Model manufacturer: weise-toys
Order code: 1005
Scale: 1:32
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
Weight: 1 kg
Machine manufacturer: Deutz-Fahr
88,00 €
On Order - we will confirm availability

Product description

Metal DEUTZ D 06 130 is processing by trusty original with precision craftsmanship.

- In the old DEUTZ green color, gray for podvozokDEUTZ, rims are red
- With safety frame (example: Fritz Meier)
- Exhaust pipe with a movable flap for rain protection
- Rear hydraulics with movable brass pestle and upper eye length of about 6 mm adjustable
- Flexible hydraulic lines for hydraulic cylinders
- Tires with licensed manufacturer graving "Continental"
- Tractor parts available separately in packs