Tractor Fendt Favorit 822 with two wheels (version 1996) (2013)

Model manufacturer: weise-toys
Order code: 1002
Scale: 1:32
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
Weight: 2 kg
Machine manufacturer: Fendt
64,00 €
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Product description

Metal Fendt Favorit 822 is processing by trusty original with precision craftsmanship.

- Tinted heat-insulating glass
- Opening the Door
- Exhaust pipe with a movable flap for rain protection
Raise the rear-view mirror -
- Beacon hinges (vertical and horizontal position)
- Flexible roof antenna
- Front and rear hydraulic pistons sliding brass, top eye by length of about 6 mm
- Front and rear hydraulic compatible Narada
- Upper arm adjustable in length of about 6 mm
- Rear hydraulic system with additionally inserted pin
   (Hook) to farm equipment is connected
- Tires with licensed graving "Michelin"
- Front and rear triangle weights supplied separately