Model manufacturer: Aviation 200
Order code: AV2146005
Scale: 1:200
Material: Metal
Weight: 0.6 kg
Registration number: ZK-NZM
Dimensions: 13x14 cm
Air company: Qantas
Aircraft manufacturer: BAE
55,00 €
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Product description

Accurate and high quality diecast metal model British Aerospace 146-300 in the colors of Qantas.
The model itself is fully formed and offers detailed graphics printed exactly as the original.
Production models Aviation200 have a great reputation for high quality and detail, this is a true scale model of the BAE 146 aircraft with an accurate description and color scheme airline with plenty of detail.
Comes with attached chassis with rolling wheels.
Ideal for collectors, staff / EX - employees, aviation enthusiasts and collectors.

BAe 146 is a British štôrmotorové regional jet aircraft, which first flew in September 1981 and entered service in May 1983, Dan - Air.
BAE 146-300 was originally to have a 3.2 m extension to the fuselage of the -200, more powerful engines and winglets. Manufacturing 146 - 300s only update the extension of the trunk of 2.44 m. -300 Has standard seating arrangement and 116 ° C and a maximum capacity of up to 128