Fire service DL 32 (MB Econic)

Model manufacturer: Wiking
Order code: 043101
Scale: 1:43
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
EAN: 4006190431019
Weight: 1.2 kg
Machine manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz
70,00 €
On Order - we will confirm availability

Product description

The “L32” from Metz is the first turntable ladder to be added to the die-cast range and considering its size, there is no doubt that it will leave a lasting impression from the start. Also, the full manoeuvrability of the 1:43 fleet of turntable ladders is central to this latest generation, this one being constructed on the dropped Mercedes Benz Econic chassis and creating an imposing impression. The outriggers can be extended on four sides in order to ensure stability in 1:43 too while setting up the turntable ladder, just like the original vehicle. In addition, the four ladder sections are extendible and the whole turntable ladder rotates through 360 degrees. At the same time, the basket can be moved into a whole range of positions - from its secured position whilst the vehicle is moving to the position when the ladder is extended to its full length. In addition, the variable equipment stores can be opened and closed.