Fire trucks

Firefighters and fire engines cause joy and smile on almost every child's face. The same is true for fire truck models. Fire truck models will not only please children, but often older collectors as well.


Models of fire trucks from MODELS NAVIGATOR

Who would not remember the school times when looking at the fire truck at the show, when he participated in various events organized by either voluntary or professional firefighters. Fire trucks and their models simply belong to childhood memories, but at the same time they also form a solid part of the model collections of several collectors.

This is the reason why fire truck models are often a popular item among collectors as well as model lovers. Fire truck models are often found on shelves even in people who do not collect models. Simply, many adults buy a model fire truck when looking at a fire truck model and childhood memories. This is how non-collectors get on the shelves.

In our e-shop you can choose from metal models of major brands of fire truck models. These are brands such as Rosenbauer, Unimog, but also Mercedes, Man or Praga. For fire truck models in our offer, we talk about models most often made of metal with plastic accessories. Thanks to this, the models of fire trucks are maximally realistic and the quality of workmanship is almost perfect.

However, if you do not find a specific model of fire truck in our offer, which is missing in your collection and is not in our offer, let us know. We will use all our contacts to get you your dream model of fire truck.