Harvester Fortschritt E 514

Model manufacturer: BUSCH
Order code: 40166
Scale: 1:87
Material: Plastic
EAN: 4001738401660
Weight: 0.25 kg
Dimensions: 11.5x3x4 cm
Machine manufacturer: Fortschritt
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Product description

A highly detailed model 1:87 with sophisticated printing with movable parts of the trailer for the mower bar.

Fortschritt E514 (built in 1982) and in many details improved successor of the type E512 is a self-propelled harvester threshing of grain, oilseeds and pulses. The basic concept in terms of the drives has been largely maintained. However, in comparison to its predecessor, the E514 has a powerful 125 hp engine, to meet the expected energy demand. The cutting works are available in widths of 3.60 m, 4.20 m (model size for the Busch-Model), 4.80 m and 5.70 m. Further optional equipment of the type E514 are: corn picker, sunflower-cutting, clover rubbing fabric, grain lifter, Abtank auxiliary device (for difficult crops), straw shredder, automatic steering and stone guard for cutting plants, to name a few. Also new is the harvest board computer, which makes it possible means loss measurement, measurement of crop area, harvest time, speed, including data processing was to achieve an optimal utilization of the combine to keep losses below 1%. The combine VEB Kombinat progress made in agricultural machinery was also produced after the turn. The 1: 87er highly detailed model in elaborate printing with movable shaft has a crop can be ascending and marketable, mower that can be placed on the enclosed trailer at completion of harvesting. Thus, it is possible to put the model in a field at work or during a deadhead scene.