Kubota KC300HR-5 track transporter

Model manufacturer: Universal Hobbies
Order code: UH8155
Scale: 1:24
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
Weight: 0.9 kg
Machine manufacturer: Kubota
64,99 €
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Product description

Limited edition metal model of the Kubota KC300HR-5. The body of the machine is made of metal and the belts are made of soft rubber: this makes them removable so that the excavator can move forward.
The all-metal bucket lifts and can rotate 180 degrees, just like a real machine.
The frame of the container is faithfully reproduced, as are the belt rollers and the interior of the cabin.
We really find a console mounted on the seat, as well as a joystick and a control screen. The seat position is reversible: it can rotate 180 degrees to handle tipper maneuvers.

This high-quality collector's casting is made of metal and plastic in a scale of 1/24. A novelty that will please all Kubota fans!