RC models Tanks

High quality elaborate models of remote-controlled tanks from the 2nd World War. war. The TORRO brand is one of the leaders in the world of RC models. RC tank models  are mostly made of metal with plastic accessories. Thanks to the processing and the combination of metal and plastic used in camouflage, they are credible models of tanks that have overcome difficult battles around the world in history  .



If you have decided to buy  the RC tank model , you have come to the right place. We have been selling tank models as well as other military equipment for several years. In our offer you will find all the most famous models of tanks, which in history have been produced in the form of RC.

The  quality of  workmanship with an emphasis on accurate and reliable details is a matter of course. 

Shopping on our e-shop is simple and convenient. If you choose the RC tank model you desire, just order it. We will precisely pack the model for you and send it to the address provided by you. If you did not find the one that is missing in your collection of tanks and combat equipment in our offer of tank models, then do not hesitate to contact us . Thanks to our network of quality and professional suppliers, we will try to find the right tank model . So whatever you like, choose from our offer.