Models Cannons, howitzers and self-propelled guns

In this category you will find various types of well-developed artillery equipment. There are various types of  works, self-propelled works and howitzers, which are processed according to real artillery technology. This artillery technique was used to overcome heavy fighting around the world


Cannons, self-propelled guns and howitzers

The cannon  is a main firearm  designed to destroy  manpower, combat equipment, technology and defensive objects of the enemy. It is characterized by a caliber of more than 20 mm and a weight that does not allow the weapon to be moved by one person.

A self-propelled gun is a combat vehicle armed with a cannon, howitzer or rocket launcher, which are placed on a crawler or wheeled chassis in a tower or in an open superstructure, which does not need to be armored. In a broader sense, all armored vehicles armed with a cannon can be considered as self-propelled guns, regardless of the type of chassis and armor. But in the narrow sense of the word, only those armored vehicles that are armed with a cannon or howitzer, but are not tanks or armored cars, belong to self-propelled guns. Some types of self-propelled guns resemble tanks, but differ from them in the manner of combat deployment and the ratio of armor protection and armament.

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