Cisterna Fliegl VFW 18000 Profiline/Güllegrubber GUG 6m

Výrobca modelu: Wiking
Objednávací kód: 077338
Mierka: 1:32
Materiál: Kombinovane (Kov / Plast)
EAN: 4006190773386
Hmotnosť: 0.9 kg
Rozmery: 32×10×11 cm (D׊×V)
Výrobca stroja: Fliegl
85,00 €
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Popis produktu

Kovový model s plastovými časťami, spracovanie podľa skutočného modelu. Odpružená náprava, otvarací kryt, ramená su rozkladacie, oddelenie cisterny od podvozku.

You can see at first glance how this delicate model doesn't lack even the tiniest detail. All fittings are exactly like the prototype, including the ascending ladder and the chassis with fenders that are equipped with red and white warning signs in the rear. With a little sense of humor, WIKING hasn't forgotten to add a very special accessory: a pair of rubber boots is tucked away in the storage container underneath the tank – of course in 1:32! The dimensions of the wheel chocks underscore such passion for details – accessories cannot be any more finely detailed than this. 
In the slurry plow, WIKING has also miniaturized a rear attachment for the Fliegl tank wagon. The efficient working width allows the slurry, which has been fed down into the ground through flexible hoses, to be worked in by means of the plow function. Support wheels at the side keep the slurry plow at the rear of the Fliegl tank wagon on track.

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