Model manufacturer: Sky Guardians
Order code: WTW72-019-17
Scale: 1:72
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
Weight: 1 kg
Aircraft manufacturer: Mikoyan
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Product description

Sky Guardians produces beautiful, amazingly accurate and detailed Diecast models of all types of aircraft, especially military aircraft, including the model. All Sky Guardians models are precisely manufactured and definitely should include collector enthusiasts.
All Sky Guardians models conform fully with the relevant safety regulations and are CE tested and approved.

Historical Note:      The Mikoyan MiG-29 is a fourth-generation jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union for an air superiority role. Developed in the 1970s by the Mikoyan design bureau, it entered service with the Soviet Air Force in 1983, and remains in use by the Russian Air Force as well as in many other nations. The NATO name "Fulcrum" was sometimes unofficially used by Soviet pilots in service.

The MiG-29, along with the Sukhoi Su-27, was developed to counter new American fighters such as the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Info:    Mig 29 Fulcrum North Korea Air Force


General characteristics:

Crew: 1
Length: 17.37 m (57 ft)
Wingspan: 11.4 m (37 ft 3 in)
Height: 4.73 m (15 ft 6 in)
Wing area: 38 m² (409 ft²)
Empty weight: 11,000 kg (24,250 lb)
Loaded weight: 15,300 kg (33,730 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 20,000 kg (44,100 lb)
Powerplant: 2 × Klimov RD-33 afterburning turbofans, 8,300 kgf (81.4 kN, 18,300 lbf) each

Maximum speed: Mach 2.25 (2,400 km/h, 1,490 mph) At low altitude: Mach 1.25 (1,500 km/h, 930 mph)
Range: 1,430 km (772 nmi, 888 mi) with maximum internal fuel[136]
Ferry range: 2,100 km (1,300 mi) with 1 drop tank
Service ceiling: 18,013 m (59,100 ft)
Rate of climb: initial 330 m/s average 109 m/s 0–6000 m[137] (65,000 ft/min)
Wing loading: 442 kg/m² (82 lb/ft²)
Thrust/weight: 1.08-1.1