Aircraft Vickers Viscount Bristish Caledonian

Model manufacturer: Hobby Master Aircraft
Order code: HL3007
Scale: 1:200
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
EAN: 4897018385702
Weight: 0.35 kg
Registration number: G-AOYR
Dimensions: 13x14x4 cm
Air company: Bristish Calwdonian
Aircraft manufacturer: Vickers Viscount
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Product description

Accurate and high-quality die-cast metal model Vickers Viscount in colors Bristish Caledonian.
The model itself is fully formed and offers detailed graphics printed exactly as the original, contains detail lights and windshield wipers!
Production models HobbyMaster have a great reputation for quality and detail, this is a true scale model of the Vickers Viscount aircraft with its description and color scheme airline with plenty of detail.
Comes with attached chassis with rolling wheels, package includes a stand.
Ideal for collectors, employees / EX - employees, aviation enthusiasts and collectors.


The world’s first turbo-prop airliner was the British made Vickers Viscount. The first flight
took place in 1948 with a more powerful engined Type 700 taking flight on August 3
1950. A stretched variant named Type 800 was 3 feet 10 inches longer with even more
power and a new fuel system and flew on July 27 1956. It could carry 71 passengers so
it soon was operating with about 70 airlines and 9 militaries around the world. Production
ended in 1964 with 445 aircraft of all types produced.

On Saturday March 1, 1958 c/n 266 V.806 Viscount made its maiden flight as G-AYOR.
On April 11, 1958 the aircraft was delivered to BEA who had named it “R.M.A. Sir
Richard Arkwright”. On December 29, 1969 the aircraft was sold to BKS Air Transport.
BKS was renamed Northeast Airlines when it became part of BEA on October 31, 1970
with the transfer of G-AOYR taking place on November 1, 1970. On March 31, 1974
British Airways was created which dissolved BOAC, BEA, Cambrian and Northeast
Airlines that meant G-AOYR became part of BA. On March 31, 1982 the aircraft was
stored until March 27, 1984 when BAF (British Air Ferries) purchased it. BAF renamed
the aircraft “Viscount Aberdeen”. On March 31, 1985 G-AOYR was leased to BCAL
British Caledonian Airways who repainted the aircraft in their livery and renamed the
aircraft “Viscount Caledonian Sky”. Approximately in July of that year the aircraft was
repainted in the British Caledonian “Commuter” scheme. In May 1986 the aircraft was
returned to BAF who operated it until Aer Lingus leased for about two weeks on March
25, 1989. In 1993 BAF became known as British World Airways (BWA) so G-AOYR was
on the move again until April 20, 1994 when it was removed from service and stored. In
June 1996 it was broken up.