Presidential car models

Limited metal models of presidential limousines, cars that have been and are being used to transport presidents. The models are on a stand or in a PVC box. unique collector's pieces that have a high collector's value. Models of cars that transported Hitler, Kennedy,and other famous personalities, models of Czechoslovak, German, American presidential cars ... 


Quality metal models of presidential cars

You will find a model AU t in which they drove various celebrities such as: German car models to which it was tied with Adolf Hitler , "Popemobile" or  models which were used to transport US President Abraham Lincoln . Collectible figurines are also included in the package.

In our e-shop you will find collector's pieces from historical car models to the latest ones. At the same time, we bring you news and interesting facts about motor vehicles. Our models are quality collector's items, which are at the same time an excellent and suitable gift for all enthusiasts of these car miniatures. Choose car models from our wide range. They are very precisely designed into an  authentic form . Metal models of cars, sports and sports, historical and modern, in various scales from world model manufacturers only with us!