Sport cars

Our eshop MODELS NAVIGATOR offers you metal models of sports cars with a detailed interior design, with opening hoods and doors and a detailed elaboration of the engine part. We have unique and exclusive car models, and we also offer limited editions of diecast miniatures. Quality workmanship and precise elaboration of details according to a real car.


Quality models of sports cars

Car model is a miniature representation of a real car. The word "model" separates these mini-replicas from toys. This means the required assembly or an attempt to accurately draw the real vehicle in a smaller size. Precise detailed miniatures are made especially for adults, whether as a decorative accessory or a collector's item.

Miniature car models first appeared at the same time as real cars - first in Europe and later in the United States. To this day, these miniatures are a popular collector's item.

In our e-shop you will find collector's items from historical car models to the latest ones. At the same time, we bring you news and interesting facts about motor vehicles. Our models are quality collector's pieces, which are at the same time an excellent and suitable gift for all enthusiasts of these miniature cars. Choose car models from our wide range. They are very precisely designed into an authentic form. Metal models of cars, sports and sports, historical and modern, in various scales from world model manufacturers only with us!

In this category you will also find sports cars from brands such as Škoda, Ford, Ferrari, Porsche, Renault or even Mercedes, BMW, Seat, Vlokswagen, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Lamborghini, Nissan and many others.