MIG-21PFM, 11th Fighter Regiment, Zatec AB, Czechoslovak Air Force

Model manufacturer: Hobby Master Aircraft
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Scale: 1:72
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
EAN: 4895173404887
Weight: 0.7 kg
Registration number: 7207
Aircraft manufacturer: Mikoyan
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Product description

The Mig-21 was originally built by the Mikoyan and Gurevich Design Bureau in the 
Soviet Union with a NATO nickname Fishbed. No other jet has had as many planes 
produced as the Mig-21. Depending on the reference source 8,000 - 13,000 planes of 
all versions were made in the Soviet Union, under license to allied countries and China 
without license. A small, fast, agile, dependable and most importantly simple making it 
easy to turn out great numbers of the plane.

MiG-21PFM No. 7207 c/n 94A7207 was completed in July 1968 and delivered to the 
Czechoslovak Air Force on May, 1968. From 1987 – 1991 the aircraft was Bort 7207 
with the 11 SLP (11. stihaci letecky pluk – 11th Fighter Air Regiment) 3.letka (3rd 
Squadron) stationed at Zatec AFB, Czechoslovakia. In 1993 former Czechoslovakia was 
divided into two separate countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. That same year 
7207 was transferred to the Slovak AF and in 1994 put into storage at Sliac, AB and 
was later scrapped.

MiG-21PFM was part of the Soviet Second Generation of Interceptors 1961 - 1966

MiG-21PFM (1964; Izdeliye 94; NATO – Fishbed F
Export version with a different IFF system, not capable of carrying S-24 rockets or ZB-62 Napalm 
PFM meaning
P – Perekhvatchik (Interceptor)
F – Forsirovannyy (Uprated)
M – Modernizirovanyy (Modernised)

Mig-21MF Specs:

Power Plant:
One 41.55kN (9,340lb st) or 64.73kN (14,550lb st) with afterburner Tumansky R-13-300

Wingspan: 7.15m (23ft 5œin)
Length: 15.76m (51ft 8œin) - including Pitot boom
Max T-O weight: 9,400kg (20,725lb)

Max speed: Mach 2.1 (2,230km/h - 1,385mph) above 11,000m (36,000ft) Mach 1.06
(1,300km/h - 807mph) at low level
Range: 1,100km (683 miles) - internal fuel only 1,800km (1,118 miles) - with three
external drop tanks, one under fuselage, one under each wing

One 23mm twin-barrel GSh-23 cannon with 200 rounds in belly pack
Various air-to-air and air-to-ground stores carried on four under wing pylons including:
K-13A "Atoll" or "Advanced Atoll" a-a missiles,
UV-16-57 rocket packs,
S-24 a-s rockets,
250kg and 500kg bombs
1 X centre line drop tank.