Winter-Set NOCH

Model manufacturer: NOCH
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Product description

The NOCH Winter Set contains everything you need to build a wintry landscape.
With a spatula or brush, the silky shimmering snow paste can be easily applied to the landscape, on rooftops, trees and vehicles. It can also be modeled in the hand, for example, to make a snowman or snowdrift.
Ice surfaces on lakes or on the road are displayed with the NOCH ice crystal paste. This can be applied with a spatula or bristle brush in the desired thickness and modeled.
To make the winter landscape perfect to the last detail, roof overhangs are decorated with the NOCH icicles. These can be attached directly from the tube to the model: Simply attach the tube from below and express the milky mass while pulling away at the same time. How to determine the length and thickness of the icicles. The icicles dry crystal clear and hard