Belt excavator Sennebogen 690HD Diaphragm

Model manufacturer: Ros
Order code: 002029
Scale: 1:50
Material: Combined (Metal / Plastic)
EAN: 8003088002029
Weight: 2 kg
Machine manufacturer: Sennebogen
105,00 € 155,00 €
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Product description

The Sennebogen 690 HD is a heavy duty cycle machine designed for repetitive stressful loadings.  It has a 90 tonne capacity and a maximum main boom length of 57.9m.

This model comes with a dragline attachment.


It comes in a rather large branded box because the model is fully assembled and reeved.  Releasing the 690HD from the packaging is a struggle as it is secured to the polystyrene trays with numerous tightly wound ties. 

The review model had no defects or missing parts.

A few technical details of the real machine are included on the box and a simple pictorial instruction sheet with photos describes the main features of the model.


The metal tracks are good with snap-fit links which were tight enough on the review model.  They are mounted on decent track frames with no moving rollers but there are small graphics and steps.

The cab is plastic with a mirror and slightly fat grab rails.  There is a plastic step plate outside and the internal detail is good.  The body has a very good paint finish with small graphics and panel handles that look realistic.  Flexible plastic handrails surround the roof and the walking areas have an extremely fine textured surface.

At the rear the counterweights are solid blocks detailed with sharp graphics applied.  The chains are a little too bright in terms of their silvered finish and the pulleys for the boom luffing gear are separate brass pieces. 

The boom is metal with a plastic walkway inside the top surface, and its structure is a reasonable representation but the riveted connections at the top of the boom foot do not look right.  The two boom pendants are an unusual pliable plastic and they are fixed in length but the tension is equal.

At the boom head the large pulleys look fine but the smaller brass ones would have been better painted to match the rest of the crane.

The dragline bucket is large and the draining perforations are also on the big side.  It is all metal.


The tracks roll well and the idlers on the frames are spring loaded to maintain tension and removing the tracks is possible.  The track frames are also retractable, so they could be set up in a narrow transport configuration.

The crane rotates well.

To gain access to the winches the whole of one side panel is removable and this is certainly a better solution than just having holes in the bodywork.  Inside the panel there are a couple of large keys and these can be used to operate any of the three working winches.

The boom luffing winch can be used to adjust the boom angle although the boom cannot be fully raised near vertical as the boom pendants are probably over length.

There is no ability to reconfigure the boom as it is permanently riveted in the delivered configuration.  Similarly the counterweight is fixed in place and not made of individually separable parts although some pieces can be unscrewed.  However the counterweight lift cylinders can be raised and lowered a little.

The dragline bucket can be operated realistically. 


There is a relatively higher amount of plastic on the model but the colour match with other parts is very good. 

The paintwork has a good finish and the small graphics around the model are sharp.


The model is reasonably priced overall.


This second version of the 690 HD mirrors the first in that it can be taken out of the box and displayed with no assembly work.  However the compromise is that the model is not flexible as it cannot be broken down for transport loads or used in crane or other configurations.  However it is a good looking model, and is recommended.